George VI five cent cufflinks

George VI five cent coins were only minted in the years 1937, 1938, 1939 and 1941. The ones from 1941 are extremely rare as they mostly became 'war casualty' as most of the shipments from the UK to Hong Kong were either intercepted or sunk by the Japanese. Our cufflinks mostly use coins from 1939. The coin shows the effigy of George VI on the front, the date of minting on the back and has a 'security edge' - two rows of reeding with a pattern of dots in between. The coin is 100% nickel and the stud backing is sterling silver and the entire cufflink is rhodium plated to match the colour of a newly minted coin. 

The diameter of the coin is 16.5mm.

There is a bronze statue of George VI in the Botanical Gardens, Hong Kong Island.